STB or SingTel - pick your choice for worst video

While SingTel has been working hard on its content marketing, it looks like it can’t win them all.

While some of its marketing moves in the online video space such as its Hossan Leong videos as well as its Gordon Ramsay publicity stunt have received highlights, this one certainly didn’t.

Titled “The Bare Facts of SingTel mRemit, this one appears to be targeting the Filipino community, and is just about as terrible as STB’s epic video.

Don’t miss the part where the benefits of the product, SingTel’s mRemit service, are highlighted against a man’s pulsing nipple in the backdrop. This was taken off SingTel's YouTube channel.


Update: A SingTel spokesperson reverted with this comment to Marketing: "The video was part of a campaign that ended in March. We've taken note of the comments posted online."