StarHub pushes for smarter targetting

Local telco StarHub is launching a new advertising solution called Smart Targeting today.

This new tool was created based on its various sources of big data to offer more targeted capabilities to StarHub advertisers. Smart Targeting leverages different sources of StarHub big data, including mobile contextual data and return path data (RPD) from two-way set-top boxes, to create  customer segmentation. Depending on the advertising objective of the brand, this allows StarHub to target or re-target consumers in various ways such as across platforms (TV to digital and direct), in the digital space (mobile and online) or on TV only. Advertisers can also create customised segments and automate it into the system to allow clients to track their audiences over time and life stages.

“Advertisers need a clear strategy for engaging customers cross platforms, whether through mobile apps, web advertising banners, TV spots or electronic direct mailers. This is why we developed Smart Targeting—to help them drive better results for their campaigns," said Germaine Ng Ferguson (pictured), general manager of integrated solutions & analysis at StarHub.

StarHub is one of the the largest pay-TV operator in Singapore, with 535,000 household subscribers as of 30 June 2014. To-date, more than 90% of StarHub set-top boxes are digital two-way systems that can provide RPD. RPD allows StarHub to perform day-to-day monitoring and planning of its channels and programmes as well as understand subscribers' viewing habits.

“We are pleased to be working with StarHub to develop metrics to better understand cable viewing and the reach of cable TV. This new metric will, for the first time, bring truly actionable audience insights to the industry, facilitating the development of marketing and media strategies which connect with Singapore’s rapidly changing consumers,” Rebecca Tan, managing director, Media Industry Group (Singapore and Malaysia) at Nielsen said.