Starbucks works with SG influencer Bellywellyjelly to create branded merchandise

Starbucks Singapore is collaborating with local influencer Christabel Chua, otherwise known as Bellywellyjelly, to sell her merchandise branded "kai" in Starbucks' stores across the country. The Starbucks branded products were launched on 28 January 2019 and were exclusively sold in physical stores. These products include Frappuccino-shaped keychains, card holders and lanyard card holders.

Meanwhile on the kai account, founder of the brand Chua said the two partnered up as they wanted to create products that could fit into "everyday lives" of individuals. One particular user had asked Chua on the collaboration expanding to Malaysia, which she said that while it's an exclusive with Starbucks Singapore, "anything is possible". Marketing has reached out to Starbucks Singapore and Chua for comment.

According to kai's Instagram account, the merchandise sold out in a matter of hours. The account also updated followers on the product availability at various other outlets of Singapore for fans who were looking to purchase it.

Meanwhile late last year, Starbucks China also launched its first virtual store supported by technology from Alibaba Group. The store provides a unified, one-stop digital experience across the Starbucks app and mobile apps within the Alibaba ecosystem, including Taobao, Tmall, and Alipay.