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Starbucks China says “Let’s meet up”

Starbucks has launched a media campaign “Let’s Meet Up” in China, encouraging social media users to share in-store experiences on the company’s Tencent and Sina Weibo accounts to redeem discounts.

Created by BBDO Shanghai, the campaign aims to stir conversations and to generate supports on mainstream social platforms, according to James Drummond, regional account director of BBDO Shanghai.

Over half a million online commitments have been made to support the campaign within 24 hours, and it is now reaching over 2 million supports, according to BBDO Shanghai.

It also coincides with a report online from state-broadcaster CCTV, which accused the coffee giant of “hefty product prices” in a seven-minute report.

Drummond said the campaign was “not related at all” as the agency has already been working on the campaign for two to three months.

“It is nothing more than coincidence.”

The report has gained rapid attention on social media platforms in China, but online users have largely rallied behind Starbucks and not the CCTV.

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