Starbucks rallies customers to share IG stories using filters by Indonesian artists

Starbucks Indonesia has collaborated with several local illustrators to create filters and stickers, which customers can use when sharing Instagram stories on their experiences at its outlets. This is part of its #SBUXCupOfStories campaign, which sees QR codes printed on Starbucks cups directing customers to a dedicated microsite.

According to Starbucks, a number of unique stories shared with the campaign hashtag#SBUXCupOfStories will be selected to be featured on its Indonesia Instagram account feed every day. Users who participated in the campaign on its microsite can also receive discount coupons off its new summer drinks named “dark caramel coffee sphere” and “watermelon and lychee aloe”.

In a Facebook post, the company said Starbucks is not only about coffee. The most beautiful experiences created at Starbucks are made up of stories about life, love and family warmth, it said. Marketing Interactive has reached out to Starbucks Indonesia for additional information.

To spread awareness about the campaign, it has posted two short videos on Instagram, garnering near to 80,000 views within five days.