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BritishIndia and The Star look to ease racial tension

Malaysian daily The Star has partnered with homegrown clothing retailer BritishIndia to launch a campaign called “We were born moderate.”

Highlighting an individual’s political neutrality at birth, the campaign aims to create an emotional connection with Malaysians by reminding them that they should not have any prejudice or bias towards each other, in order to achieve a moderate Malaysia.

In a statement to A+M, The Star spokesperson said that as the nation’s leading English daily, it felt obligated to ensure that “moderation ensues in Malaysia’s society”.

“We believe this is an opportune time to remind all Malaysians that we were all born moderate, a reminder where we could mix around and befriend others of different race, background and culture without any stereotype or prejudice when we were younger,” the spokesperson added.

The newspaper is releasing two social experiment videos for the campaign on its microsite with the hashtag #moderateMY.  The campaign also runs on print ads in The Star newspaper as well as online banners on The Star Online (TSOL) website. Local Radio stations RedFM and CapitalFM have also shown their support for The Star’s moderation campaigns and have PSAs running on similar themes.

TBWA’s Creative Juice was the agency the campaign which will run until the end of September.

In addition, The Star launched the Voices of Moderation campaign last August and has been continuing its effort to remind and engage its readers on the importance of a moderate Malaysia through various campaigns. The ‘Brave Views, Bold Ideas’ tagline has been consistent throughout to reinforce The Star’s support for an open, rational and moderate Malaysia.


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