Spotify's head of new markets moves to Humin

Sriram Krishnan, who was the head of new markets - Asia Pacific at Spotify is joining Humin as VP, global markets to lead the worldwide growth of the company.

Humin is a new phone app that captures all the contacts and remembers them in the way consumers naturally think. It allows consumers to search for contacts in the way they’ve come to know them. Krishnan joins Humin following the recent launch of the service in the US last month. The company has also recently clinched a group-wide partnership with Deutsche Telekom in Europe.

“The way most smartphone users approach their contacts is fundamentally broken. It’s like search in the early 90s” Krishnan said.

"We used to browse the web by alphabetical order. We now have the ability to search for information online the way we think about it so you can find what's relevant. Humin can not only predict who you want to connect with, but you can also search for people the way you think.”

Krishnan added that Asia is such a key region for the app with 4 billion people living in the region. We look forward to working with the various telcos and local phone manufacturers," Krishnan said.