Spotify introduces brand video ad

Spotify’s marketing platform, is launching two new video ad formats that will now be seen globally by its 30 million-plus free user base. These ad formats are titled "Sponsored Sessions" and "Video Takeover".

Spotify's free users can opt in to watch a brand-sponsored video spot (aka a Sponsored Session) in exchange for 30 minutes of uninterrupted music. Brands can also sponsor a video ad break on desktop with a Video Takeover. For now the video ad formats will only be available in six markets in the fourth quarter: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Sweden. They will be globally available in 2015.

Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonald's, NBC Universal Pictures, Target and Wells Fargo have already come on board to try out the new ad formats.

Here's how the ad format works:

“These new video ad units give us the opportunity to be a small part of people’s everyday passion for music and create better experiences across Spotify. Spotify is great partner in helping us execute new ways of connecting with people on their platform leveraging data, intelligence and creativity to bring a little refreshment to an already uplifting experience with music,” said Ivan Pollard, senior vice president of connections at The Coca-Cola Company.

“Our audience is incredibly engaged so we are delivering an advertising experience that enhances their time spent on Spotify and connects them to the music and brands they love,” Jeff Levick, Spotify’s chief business officer said.