Splash partners with Arena for Maxi-Peel’s “Tunayserye” campaign

(Editor’s Note: Arena Media, as the digital AOR for the Maxi-Peel Tunayserye campaign, was and is responsible mainly for its online campaign development. Publicis Jimenez Basic, as their creative agency, was the originator for the idea and content for the campaign.)

The fairy tale is all too familiar: the hopeful duckling magically transforms into the confident swan. But what goes on between the first page and the happy ending? That is the real story. Maxi-Peel’s gutsy Tunayserye campaign goes raw and real as it tells the story in-between—the day-by-day journey to achieving renewed beauty. Through Maxi-Peel’s partnership with Arena Media, we saw this first-of-its-kind transformation story unfold online.

The Tunayserye campaign was created to solidify Maxi-Peel’s position as the undisputed leader and trusted solution in its category by proving beyond all doubts that Maxi-Peel works. For 55 days, Tunayserye followed the life of Jeff Serrano, a young Filipina who dreams of being a celebrity, but whose opportunities have been repeatedly hindered by pimples. Jeff saw a new hope as Maxi-Peel proved effective after months of daily use, clearing out her pimples and giving her skin renewed beauty.

Tunayserye was more than just about the daily progress of Jeff’s skin; it was about chronicling her emotions as she went through the process. More than the evolution of her face, Maxi-Peel showed the evolution of her personality. Digital was the answer, and Arena Media was appointed as the agency who would bring the transformation story alive on digital and social media.

Jeff Launch Video Maxi-Peel YouTube


The episodes were uploaded online, following Jeff’s journey day-by-day—from her first days still plagued by acne, to her emotional days of peeled reddish cheeks, to her final days of confidence and clear skin. Various forms of social media content were born out of each Tunayserye episode: how-to guides, inspirational posts, Facebook Live sessions, memes, and quirky hashtags.

Each digital platform had its own special content, creating a unique and engaging multi-channel experience. While the episodic vlogs were housed in Maxi-Peel’s YouTube channel, the brand’s official Facebook page shared memorable moments and tips for curious fans. On Instagram, the go-to app for beauty enthusiasts, it was all about highlighting Jeff’s ever-evolving beauty. Creating this multitude of content was no simple task. A campaign that chronicled daily life on multiple channels with various types of content required constant and continuous collaboration between the brand and the agencies involved.

Day 17Jeff in Tears

Through Arena Media’s digital and social media efforts, Jeff’s story spread like wildfire the across the Filipino internet community. Facebook users swarmed to the Maxi-Peel page to send Jeff messages of encouragement and ask about product usage. Even some of the most influential Filipinas on Twitter and Instagram, including beauty bloggers and celebrities, posted their reactions to Jeff’s adventures and cheered her on. Online news sites raved about Tunayserye’s authenticity and relatability, with calling it honest, unpretentious and surprisingly addicting.

As a result, Maxi-Peel’s social media engagement jumped from 9% pre-campaign to 49% by end-campaign—a staggering 900% growth. At the peak of its campaign, Maxi-Peel’s engagement out-voiced its closest competitor by 50%.

More importantly, the brand’s Facebook page—also managed by Arena Media—saw a quadruple increase of product usage inquiries during the campaign period.

Jos Ortega, Chairman and CEO of Arena Media’s parent agency Havas Ortega, expressed his excitement over the partnership. “We’ve been at the forefront of digital for a while now, producing pioneering solutions for brands that are just entering the digital sphere. With the integrated services of our agencies as well, its very easy for us to pull resources from our different specialities as needed. We’re excited to connect Maxi-Peel with their existing loyal fanbase and an even newer generation of consumers in a more direct and exciting way, and use digital media to strengthen the relationship further,” Ortega said.

With Maxi-Peel’s boldness to create game-changing campaigns matched with Arena Media’s expertise in digital and social media, Tunayserye achieved an enviable feat—inspiring Filipina dreamers to take on the journey to newfound hope with the trusted and proven solution to their beauty and self-esteem issues.

Meanwhile, Jeff opens the next chapter to her story with a song also penned by Arena Media. The song, titled “Bagong Ganda,” is the anthem of Jeff’s newfound hope: “Ngayong may confidence, ‘di na nagtatago / Mga pangarap ko ay nagagawa ko.” Indeed, her story is not over yet. Follow Jeff’s continuing journey with Maxi-Peel on

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