SPHMBO relaunches new LED screen at 313@somerset

SPHMBO has re-launched a new indoor digital advertising screen at 313@somerset with advanced LED technology that delivers brighter, sharper and clearer images.

The original LCD video wall, which has served its useful life, has been replaced this month by the new LED screen of pitch size 4mm, setting a high standard of picture resolution. The new screen is also equipped with high quality sound system and has a wide frame around it for advertisers to put up a static wrap as a creative option to augment their digital message.

The former video wall's location has been the choice of advertisers ranging from fashion labels to lifestyle electronics to education services providers. More than 600 advertisers, including Zara, Canon, SIM University, Royal Caribbean and Microsoft have conducted more than 900 digital out-of-home campaigns at this location since 2010 when the video wall was first set up.



“We are happy to announce a fresh lease of life for an established, popular advertising platform that has served many brand owners well,”  Julie Wee, product development director of SPHMBO, the out-of-home media unit of SPH said.

The new LED screen, as did its predecessor, sits atop the entrance to the Somerset MRT station. More than three million people, including train commuters, visit the mall monthly, according to report. With the completion of new buildings and developments in the area nearby, the numbers can expect to increase.