SPH partners with ZBJ Network Inc to launch B2B creative services platform

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) has signed a joint venture agreement (JVA) with ZBJ Network Inc, an online creative services platform from China.

The partnership will see both companies developing a business to business (B2B) bilingual online creative services platform targeted at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia. The name and contents of the new platform will be announced in late 2017.

For the collaboration, SPH will leverage its SME networks in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region, as well as provide sales and marketing expertise, advertising and publicity on its print and digital platforms, and competitive digital bundling. Meanwhile, ZBJ Network Inc will provide operational expertise and training, and product and technology development.

“With this partnership, SPH will provide a one-stop holistic package for local SMEs which are searching for comparable creative services here and from China. Similarly, the businesses in China could also reach out to our service providers here. This is a significant move for both companies, which will in turn forge closer ties between China and Singapore,” Anthony Tan, deputy CEO of SPH, said.

“ZBJ aims to replicate our online services in the global market, providing professional corporate solutions to SMEs. Our users come from 25 countries and regions. In this partnership with SPH, ZBJ will leverage our extensive data, creative services, corporate clients and supply chain, to provide design, marketing and business development services to the businesses in Singapore and Malaysia,” Wang Nan, president of ZBJ Network, Inc. in Beijing, China, said.

ZBJ Network Inc operates, an online marketplace providing creative services such as logo design, translation, website design and development for businesses. The marketplace was established in 2006, and boasts over six million registered users, 13 million service providers, with a market share of over 80% and transacted value was RMB7.5 billion.

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