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SPH launches personalised front page prints for customers

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) has launched a brand new product called “Personalised Print”.

The new product will allow readers to publish personalised messages on the front pages of The Straits Times, The Business Times, or Lianhe Zaobao, on any date in advance. The exclusive copy will then be delivered to the recipient on the actual day of publication. It is worth between SG$8,000 and SG$28,000.

Recipients of this special experience can expect an exclusive, framed copy of the selected newspaper title accompanied by a bouquet of roses and bottle of champagne. There will also be a Christmas edition available.

“The Personalised Print allows our readers to commemorate special occasions alongside news of events that happened on the same day. Recipients get to keep a piece of history. Each personalised copy of the newspaper serves as a precious record and memory for recipients in years to come,” Jerry Siah, head of product innovation and pricing at SPH integrated marketing division, said.

“The Personalised Print initiative is among our growing list of creative offerings we have for the market. We continue to maximise the value of our platforms and products to ensure that they benefit both advertisers and readers,” Elsie Chua, chief marketing officer of SPH’s integrated marketing division, said.

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