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Spark Architects retains Epic PR

Spark Architects has re-appointed Epic PR for another term, based on successful delivery of key PR campaigns in 2014.

One such high profile campaign was built around the thought leadership of Singapore establishing its first floating hawker centre – called  the Solar Orchid, as a cultural and architectural nod in celebrating Singapore’s 50th birthday, said the agency.

Stephen Pimbley, founding director of SPARK Architects said:  “Finding a good PR agency can be a challenge.  What impressed us about Epic PR is how quickly they understood our vision for a sustainable and convivial built environment, and then to be able convey that to the media and maintain their interest. Epic PR is a nimble team and they understand the media landscape.  The team works hard to help  us reach our PR objectives, and so we are happy to work with them again in 2015 in both the markets of Singapore and Malaysia.”

Mylinh Cheung, managing director of Epic PR said:  “We are thrilled to continue our  journey with SPARK Architects as their PR partner.  It’s an architectural firm that not only has inspiring and innovative ideas, but ideas that can be implemented into existing infrastructure quite easily.  We consider it vitamins for our brains, every time we meet with SPARK to discuss the next PR campaign, such is their creative spirit.  Stephen and his team’s generosity in reaching out to stakeholders to share their ideas so freely, is refreshing.  SPARK is an architectural firm that can drive conversations for every level of society that care about space, function and design.  We are lucky to have them as a client.”

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