Space travel: We don’t need advertising

Space travel: For some, a life-long dream; for others, “why in the world”.

But as Richard Branson prepares for his first flight with his family on the Virgin Galactic programme, Dutch company SXC has set up shop in Hong Kong to cater to Asia-based customers.

But instead of advertising itself, the company is giving its voice to other brands in product collaborations.

Last month, it launched a TVC with antiperspirant Lynx Effect which enticed fans to participate in their programme to win a trip to the extraterrestrial; as well as Swiss watch label, Luminox.

“We have agents across different check points in Asia to help us sell these flights, but in terms of hard-core advertising, we don’t have any,” said Alex Tang (pictured), CEO of SXC Asia.

However, SXC’s offering (minus the pre-flight accommodations and training programmes) is half the price of Virgin’s at US$100,000. Also, it ensures it flies to a certain altitude so the passengers can be officially called astronauts.

It’s what the FAA-approved airline calls “an affordable way to a life-changing experience”, and also why Tang thinks it’s a service not just for high-net-worth individuals.

Though how many people can dish out US$100,000 is debatable, 250 participants have already signed onto SXC’s flights, which debuts next year; moreover, the exclusive nature of the experience already speaks for itself without the need of advertising.

Because, when the rich have enough special edition handbags at home, what better way than to flaunt their wealth and status than a trip to space and a certificate to prove it?