Sophisticated audio ads with InterAds

In this digital rainstorm, even the way we listen to radio has evolved.

Media Prima Radio Network has launched InterAds, a smart audio ad platform that targets its online audience based on its listeners preferences.

So say you’re a 20 year old young professional, listening to the radio via an online streaming platform, InterAds will sieve through its library of audio ads and play the ones that fit your interest.

Loh Ben Jern, radio announcer from FlyFM and network digital technologist of MPRN, said advertisers can get the reach that they want; listeners will be devoid of listening to ads they are not interested in.

“We’re seeing a shift in radio moving towards online streaming. Our listeners are spending more time on the computer and their mobile apps than they are adjusting the tuner on a stereo. It’s only logical to also shift our ads to where the listeners are tuning in,” Ben shares with A+M.

“You get the same programs and songs as you would with live radio, just without generic commercials.”

Media Prima Radio Network claims to have a reach of 6 million online listening hours and 1 million unique listeners per month.

InterAds is available on HotFM, FlyFM and OneFM’s mobile apps and online stream.