Sony puts positive messages at core of new campaign

To combat what it calls growing negativity across the city, Sony is using the power of positive energy for its latest campaign.

In its biggest local push yet to back its new Alpha 6000 camera, Sony is hoping a new set of TV commercials will inject a bit of positive energy into our daily lives.

Working with The Right Side, the 60 second commercial puts local photographer Lai Yat-Nam (賴憶南)at the heart of it with the goal to deliver a dramatic and stirring message.

The spot is supported by an iconic track from Eason Chan (陳奕迅) and is narrated by local writer Vincci Cheuk(卓韻芝).

Simois Ng, senior manager of marketing communication at Sony, told Marketing the campaign aims to promote positive energy to Hongkongers, via the concept of capturing precious moments in daily life.

“There are many precious moments in our daily life that are easily overlooked,” she said.

“Typically, our rivals tend to wrap their campaigns with some glossy photographs around the likes of North and South poles, subjects that are too far for local photo-savvy to reach.

“We try to adopt a local sense to make the product and the brand more approachable.”

Alongside the commercial are two documentaries on the photographer and the Hong Kong Korfball team, which will be rolled out a week after the TV launch.

Carat Hong Kong was the media agency behind the campaign, will run until the end of July with digital, OOH and print executions.

The campaign also marks the first time Sony has teamed up with The Right Side, a subsidiary of The Bees.

Ng added that Sony was currently looking at a long-term relationship with the agency after this collaboration.

Client: SONY Corporation of Hong Kong Limited
Creative: The Right Side & The Bread Digital
ECD: Miranda Shing
Creative directors: Tommy Cheung, She Chan
Copywriter: Cloudy Leung
Account servicing: Kennie Chung, Alice Lee, Kenneth Wan, Eddie Ngan
Media: Carat Hong Kong
TVC Director: Alex Fung

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