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Sony Hong Kong and Naughty Things Creative wow vlogging market with new video campaign video

Sony Hong Kong and Naughty Things Creative wow vlogging market with new video campaign video

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The sudden strike of COVID-19 drastically altered consumer behaviours, which shifted towards a content-based home entertainment, especially on YouTube and CTV. As a leading mirrorless-camera manufacturer and retailer, Sony Hong Kong recognised and seized the opportunity to introduce ZV-E10, the new mirrorless vlogging camera, to the market. 

Sony Hong Kong especially targeted ZV-E10 at the vlogging market to provide cutting-edge functionality to content creators. Sony also appreciated more had to be done to grasp the market, so a conventional marketing approach was just not good enough. With that in mind, Sony Hong Kong teamed up with Naughty Things Creative to go bold and break rules to stand out in the highly-competitive market.

To develop an unparalleled and engaging campaign, Naughty Things Creative investigated trends favoured by the audience, as well as the appropriateness of these trends to the ZV-E10. Following the huge success of the joint-stream co-hosted by four prominent YouTube Channels in April 2021, audiences showed an immense interest in channels-crossover contents; variety show amongst other contents was championed by the audience, for examples, 試當真綜藝 & ViuTV 膠戰 & 自肥企劃

Sony Hong Kong and Naughty Things saw it as an opportunity to ride this wave of trend to put a focus on bringing joyful entertainment, instead of a cliché product-launching video, to the public. A 30-minute variety-show video content was produced, hand-in-hand by the partnership, to present the functionality of the ZV-E10.

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With a marketing industry insight, Naughty Things Creative narrowed down the potential KOL list to the top influencers or artists. Sony Hong Kong then made a decision on the five handpicked influencers or artists to join as cast: Neo Yau @ Trial & Error, Kaying @ FH Production, Laiying @ Pomato, Ah Dee @ ViuTV’s Error, and Ah Jeng @ 903 and ViuTV. These influencers together created an excellent chemistry and excitement for the audience. 

This campaign aims to stand out and present the product in a soft-selling way, unlike the hard-selling conventional product introduction video. Throughout the 30-minute game show, the casts were faced with a series of challenges that could only be solved with the ZV-E10 - it seamlessly delivered product information to the targeted audience without pressuring them. 

For one thing, the casts were required to take a selfie video with their equipment, which is the ZV-E10, while staggering through a cobblestone road - demonstrating the powerful image stabilisation system. These challenges are entertaining to watch and make the product information easy to understand.

The marketing landscape, as well as what the audience looks for, are different than how they used to be. As marketers, we need to start thinking about the macro impact, create interesting yet informative contents, and shift away from the hard-selling contents.

The concept behind the ZV-E10 campaign begins with the initiative to blend entertainment into marketing. Rather than promoting a product, we focus on spreading joy in difficult times like the pandemic. It is then followed by plenty of planning and implementation to combine product information with marketing messages. As a result of the incredibly hard work and efforts, the ZV-E10 campaign has received a massive amount of attention and positive feedback.

The article is sponsored by Naughty Things Creative.

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