Be social media centric, start with 5Cs

Social media should be one of your company’s essential communication touch-points. How well does your company embrace this trend? Is your company social media centric at all levels? Use the below 5Cs approach to evaluate yourself.

1st C - Community

Similar to other marketing touchpoints, always start with defining your objectives and target audience for social media.  Is the social media for branding and marketing purposes, customer relationship management (CRM) or talent recruitment? Who is your target audience?

Different social media platforms reach different audience segments.  For example Instagram is inclined towards the younger population.  LinkedIn is very effective in connecting with professionals.

2nd C – Consumer insights

Besides traditional research and focus groups, social insights tools can also get consumer insights.  The first step is social listening – monitoring the discussion boards and open discussions which mention your brand name.

A deeper approach is to analyse the interactions with your posts and map the sentiment with the customers’ comments related to your brand.

3rd C - Content

In social media, engaging content is king. Not only limited to updates on products or services, content can be also categorised as "always-on" and "activation". Always-on content refers to branded messages and causal content for emotional bonding.  Activation content is to induce participation of the public.

Lastly don’t forget your through-the-line activities, such as your offline events, print ads or press conferences. To ensure all content aligns with the objectives, always develop a monthly content calendar.

4th C – Communications

Social media platforms constantly bring about new functionalities for boosting intimacy with fans.  Live streaming has become a popular communication tool, for example - Harbour City broadcast their live Christmas launch on YouTube last year.

Standard Chartered Bank promoted their credit card using Facebook live streaming in March. Facebook Messenger will soon allow bots which use artificial intelligence to learn users’ preferences over time - what to buy, eat, read and etc.

5th C - Commerce

Social e-commerce platforms are definitely increasing. Integration of payment features on social media platforms minimizes hurdles to buy, and creates more impulsive purchases. A few mobile payment solutions have already launched in the past few months and more are coming soon.  Shopping via social media will be just a click away.

By Mark Chan, group managing partner at CMRS Group