SMRT retains Happy Marketer as social media agency

SMRT has re-appointed digital marketing agency Happy Marketer as its social media marketing agency for the next year.

Incumbent Happy Marketer has been SMRT’s social media marketing agency since March 2016. Following the re-appointment, the agency will provide social media listening, social media analysis, and social media response services for the public transport operator.

In partnership with SMRT, Happy Marketer said it has helped grow the public transport operator’s Facebook fan base beyond the 100,000 milestone and boost engagement rates by close to 200%.

Jean Pham, SMRT’s lead for new media said the organisation chose to partner with Happy Marketer because “our partnership will further strengthen our core value of service excellence. Leveraging the use of technology and best industry practices will help us monitor and respond better in this dynamic space and take proactive steps by feeling the pulse on the ground, as well as addressing feedback from our commuters. SMRT remains committed to moving people, enhancing lives.”

Prantik Mazumdar, managing partner at Happy Marketer said, “Over the last nine years, we’ve collaborated with hundreds of  leading brands but this is a unique opportunity to partner with an esteemed organization that has such a big influence on our daily lives. We are excited to serve the netizens of Singapore through the social command centre, which would allow us to understand their views and respond to their queries.”

Together, SMRT and Happy Marketer are working towards serving the three million commuters and netizens of Singapore by constantly responding to their needs while enhancing their daily lives.