SMRT Media launches new ecommerce and analytics offerings

SMRT Media has launched a pilot trial with its iMOB - I'm On Board platform to create a new e-shopping experience. This pilot is done in collaboration with FaceRecog Asia - a local data analytics company - to drive deeper brand engagement with consumers on-the-go. For commuters, they can purchase products or deals conveniently whilst looking at the iViewSMRT digital screen. This also creates new opportunities for advertisers.

Jeslyn Tan, senior general manager, media & digital business, said: “Advertising just got smarter. Ad dollars can now be targeted down to the age, gender and emotion of desired profiles. Commuters passing through our network will potentially be engaged and amused even, in ways specific to their likes. We are confident that this combination of SMRT Media’s strengths in digital OOH, e-commerce and now, analytics, will be our leap forward in energising the advertising industry and livening up the transit environment.”

iMOB is accessible via with nine major lifestyle categories—food, fun, tech, fashion, wellness, travel, home, family and shop–offering savers, promotions and deals. iMOB is the single platform that integrates SMRT Investments advertising, digital and retail businesses and offers convenient and immediate access to rich branded content and lifestyle deals in and around SMRT’s transport network.