Smart moves for adopting data-driven marketing

By: Sammy Hsieh, Co-founder and CEO , iClick Interactive Asia Limited

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Step #3 – Connect with your AUDIENCE using an omni-channel approach

Consumers are now bombarded by hundreds of competing messages everyday, many of which are not relevant to them though. It is often a challenging question to most brand marketers as being – how to reach and engage our customers effectively using multiple and connected channels?

The key things to consider are real-time data, analytics and integration. While marketers find it a challenge to conduct digital marketing in China due to the lack of audience data, as well as a less-than-ideal level of performance transparency, iClick’s integrated marketing platform – iAccess equips you with all necessary data and tools to effectively reach your targeted audience in a fully automated and transparent approach. iAccess reaches over 95% of mobile users in China and receives more than 1 billion impressions daily. The platform is supported by robust data analytics that help marketers to identify your prospects, launch and optimize the campaign and measuring success in one single easy-to-use platform.

Step #4 – Setting the right measurement metrics in China

With the digital landscape in China developing at lightning speed, many marketers have concerns about brand safety, fraudulent traffic and viewability. China’s unique digital environment presents challenges that have often led to misconceptions for marketers preparing to spend advertising dollars.

Marketers are not always convinced by online advertising measurement standards in China. There is often a lack of transparency, and little third-party data is available, making it hard for marketers to trust measurement information. Even more challenging for marketers is they often express major concerns about how their messages are delivered to consumers in China’s highly fragmented digital landscape.

As a leader in online marketing technology, iClick Interactive strives to provide marketers with solutions that are transparent, secure, and in accordance with their values. Its own proprietary marketing technology platform, which collects a plethora of data from multiple sources, allows marketers to understand Chinese online users in a multi-dimensional manner, and makes scalable data intelligence possible.

Marketers must be ROI-driven and use analytics platforms to empower a higher-level understanding of their data.

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