SM Supermalls and Tribal Worldwide celebrate Father's Day with a twist with “Daddy’s Girl”

SM Supermalls and Tribal Worldwide decided to tell how dads really feel with “Daddy’s Girl.” “Daddy’s Girl” follows the story of a family as they go about shopping for Alexa’s 18th birthday. Dad quietly drives for mom and daughter as they exchange their excitement about the debut.

Once inside the mall, dad follows mom and Alexa as they look for shoes and the dress - paying and carrying the shopping bags along the way. The video then jumps to the night of the debut with Alexa looking magnificent in her gown. As she takes the stage for her speech, she proceeds to thank her mom for being her best friend and for all her emotional support. Finally, she calls out, “Daddy.” As Alexa thanks him for being a great provider, even mentioning how he’s not as affectionate, her speech gets cut short by a loud cry. And as everyone turns to look, we see Dad howling like a baby.

Quickly, the video returns to earlier moments when Dad tried to hide his feelings about his little daughter growing up so fast. The audience sees him crying by himself inside the car to the annoyance of other drivers, whimper in front a confused and worried cashier, and finally, escape to the dressing room before he breaks down in tears. As Dad snaps out of his flashback, Alexa runs down from the stage, hugs dad, and shares a moment with the whole family.

“Daddy’s Girl" received the warmest welcome from SM’s fans and followers when it reached 2 million views in less than 24 hours. With over 5.8+ million views on Facebook, 148,000+ likes and 63,000+ shares - collectively reaching 13.4 million netizens as of press time - Daddy’s Girl has officially gone viral! That’s why it’s no surprise that people who were moved to tears and/or laughter were also inspired to share their personal dad stories in the comments section. “It is very heartwarming to know that families that watched our video and were moved by its story and the message that it aimed to tell,” said Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls Senior VicePresident for Marketing. “We just narrated our customer's story--every Filipino family's story."