SK-II's new film addresses marriage pressures for Chinese women

Skincare brand SK-II has premiered an online documentary film “Meet Me Halfway” to broach marriage pressure with an emotional appeal to single women worldwide.

The documentary received over 18 million views in the first 24 hours and sparked social conversation on China’s social networks as netizens opened up and shared their own experiences.

Many young single women in China say they have experienced a disconnect between themselves and their parents, claiming marriage pressure as one of the top reasons. As a result, they tend to avoid visiting family members during Chinese New Year as there are questions about boyfriends or marriage from parents and relatives.  

“Meet Me Halfway” features real-life stories from three young single Chinese women. It shows their first attempts to open up to their parents about their lives and the marriage pressures they have dealt with, after years of avoiding the subject and not returning home. Through sharing their stories and listening with an open mind, both sides meet halfway on mutual ground with a sense of understanding and unexpected liberation.

The film is the latest episode of SK-II’s ongoing #changedestiny campaign, and is a follow up to 2016’s “Marriage Market Takeover” and 2017’s “The Expiry Date”. The brand aims to provide a platform where mutual understanding can be achieved and to empower women to make their own choices, in their own time.

“We want to tell women worldwide that destiny can change, when you have the courage to take the first step to meet halfway,” said Sandeep Seth, vice president, Global SK-II. “We hope the stories of these three brave women can inspire other women to take the first step, start a conversation with their families about marriage pressure and in the process, empower them to live life on their own terms and shape their own destinies.”