SK-II ropes in John Legend for second web series titled ‘PITERA Masterclass’

SK-II has released the PITERA Masterclass series on its YouTube channel, featuring singer and songwriter John Legend, to spread awareness about the signature ingredient used in its iconic product, PITERA Essence. This comes after the success of its Bare Skin Chat web series, which has amassed over 200 million views and garnered positive reception from netizens.

The masterclass unveils Legend as a new cast member, alongside actress and SK-II brand ambassador Tang Wei. In this first collaboration with the skincare brand, Legend has also produced an original love song and music video dedicated to SK-II’s PITERA Essence named “Oh PITERA”.

Following up from Bare Skin Chat, which is a comedic take on skincare conversation, PITERA Masterclass follows personalities featured in the previous installment, James Corden and Naomi Watanabe, on a search for the origins of PITERA at a sake brewery in the heart of Japan.

According to a press release, the makings of PITERA, which has been known for its transformative powers, has been kept top secret and unchanged since launch. Besides walking viewers through the process, the masterclass will also give them the chance to observe the sake brewers’ youthful looking hands in contrast to their old wrinkled faces.

Previously, in Bare Skin Chat’s plot lines, personalities are seen exchanging beauty secrets when they have a wild friend over for a bathroom visit. Episodes present Moretz/Corden and Arimura/Watanabe engaging in an eclectic range of activities – from beatboxing, to tap dancing, and even trying to produce their own viral sensation brain-tickling autonomous sensory meridian response videos. The beauty entertainment web series was a move to promote the SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence.

“We wanted everyone to know about PITERA. It’s so amazing and it would truly be a shame if we didn’t find a way to let the world know how amazing it is. So we thought, what better way to do this than to work with a legendary singer songwriter, John Legend to create a song for it. This is our PITERA love song to the world,” said Sandeep Seth, vice president of global SK-II.

Besides treating consumers to a masterclass series, SK-II also recently jumped on the virtual influencer hype by introducing YUMI. Created in collaborating with AI company Soul Machines, YUMI is able to interact as a human would and will not only provide beauty advice, but also help consumers better understand their skin.