Singtel's GOMO 'belanjas' over 6,000 meals to help local businesses

Singtel's digital mobile brand GOMO has launched a campaign to raise awareness and rally Singaporeans behind the GOMO Helpful Meals initiative. Through the initiative, GOMO will be sponsoring over 6,000 meals for people in need in collaboration with Belanja Eat and Timbre Group. From now until 10 August, those in need will be handed a free meal from the 68 participating food stalls. 

The campaign will include social media, content, digital and direct marketing to mobilise everyone to help spread the word about the programme. The series of ads and Instagram stories will encourage people to take a minute and drop a WhatsApp, text or make a call to pass the message that GOMO will “belanja” meals, and those who need it can claim a meal. 

Sticking close to its Millennial roots, GOMO aims to rally Singapore behind everyone's favourite pastime, eating. With enhanced social distancing measures, hawkers, kopitiams, restaurants and any purveyor of food in between, are in a pickle and missing revenue from dine-in or walk-by customers. As such, GOMO is opening up its GOMO app and website to host free F&B listings, to offer F&B owners a fast track to gain digital presence and customers. 

Several organisations have also launched extended help to those in need. Utility company Geneco too recently pledged 1,000 meals and ran a social media campaign to spread awareness of the Food Bank, which is one of its ChangeMakersSG partners, was facing. The campaign called for netizens to tag their friends and include the hashtag #SGUnited, as Geneco will donate a meal on their behalf to the less privileged.

Similarly, Diageo Singapore donated over 1,000 meals to vulnerable communities across the country. The donation will go towards those in need, with limited access to food as well as supporting the hawker centre teams. This was part of Diageo’s contribution to FoodBank Singapore, which distributes food to the needy. 

Apart from Diageo, IKEA Singapore too lent a hand in aiding those in need during these trying times. IKEA Singapore donated 800 mugs to migrant workers, along with cartons of snacks from its food outlet. In a Facebook post, local organisation Itsrainingraincoats said IKEA activated its team to send over mugs and snacks after hearing about workers with no mugs. This issue was raised after workers were found drinking milk straight from the carton. The cartons of milk were donated to these workers last week by another one of Itsrainingraincoats' donors. 

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