Singtel creates GOMO GIFs, pushes marketing on InstaStories

Singtel has gone all out with a marketing campaign to drive awareness of its new product and mobile plan GOMO.  As part of the campaign, it also created GOMO characters called "Zenmo", "Nomnomo", "Showmo" and "Globo" to impersonate the values Singtel looks to push.

Zenmo represents the "no fuss, no hassle, no worries" concept Singtel aims to provide users, while Nomnomo is a character that is "always hungry" for more data, Showmo is a social butterfly keeping to the trends and Globo is an aspiring globetrotter.

In a statement to Marketing, a Singtel spokesperson said the telco is focusing its marketing efforts on digital platforms to bring its proposition “Less fuss, more fun”.

Singtel also worked with Goodstuph to develop customised GOMO GIFs for Instagram Stories which features the GOMO characters, alongside catchy phrases such as “Stay woke, not broke” and “Life is lit, when you eat”. Nambiar also said a series of bite-sized videos were also released on Singtel's social media channels to showcase GOMO Mobile’s key proposition, “no contract, no hassle and no excess charges".

Apart from Goodstuph, OMD and Amobee helped with the media planning for the campaign, while the overall product was conceptualised with BBH Singapore. Nambiar added that the response since the launch has been "encouraging" and the telco is seeing a "great deal of interest" from consumers on GOMO. According to Nambiar, Singtel aims to be the "most preferred" no-contract, SIM-only mobile plan in the market.

On Facebook, the telco has launched a chatbot called GOMO Betabot which works with Singtel's 24/7 online chat team to provide customers free sign-up and post sign-up experience.