SingPost apologises for postman throwing away mail

SingPost has apologised for a recent incident which saw one of its mailmen throwing away stacks of letters at a condominium. This followed after a viral video made its rounds on the internet which saw a member of the public confronting the postman over his actions.

In a statement to Marketing, a SingPost spokesperson confirmed that the organisation does not condone this and the mailman has since been dismissed.

His action is a serious failure of duty.

“We do not condone this and he has since been dismissed. SingPost thanks the member of the public for bringing this to our attention, and we would like to apologise to the residents of the estate for the service lapse,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson added that SingPost has since retrieved the mail and will be processing them. It added that it would be looking into the postman’s claim made on his work environment.

“But it does not excuse his actions on the job, nor our decision to dismiss him,” the statement added. In the video, the person behind the camera was seen confronting the mailman who admitted to throwing away the letters. In addition, the mailman complained about his work conditions, which includes working over time and not being paid for it.

The video also saw the cameraman opening the bins located near mail boxes and finding stacks of letters and direct mails neatly thrown into the bin. Watch the video here:


The video also prompted netizens to share their less-than-stellar customer experiences with SingPost, with some taking the opportunity to complain about lost mail and their experience with customer service.