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Relationship status can impact brand decisions

New research shows relationship status for women can impact their decision-making and brand choices.

According to a study from Mindshare Hong Kong, females in relationships rely less conscious of brands compare to single females.

Consequently, when it comes to media channels that influence skincare purchases, single females are more likely to rely on advertising and marketing.

The result shows almost 20% of single females are more likely to be influenced by TV celebrities and have a higher tendency to be influenced by Facebook brand pages.

In terms of mobile usage, the study shows that females in relationships spend more time on mobile internet when lying in bed before sleeping. To the contrary, males in relationships are less likely to do so.

“Singles in 30s or above may have high disposable income, when they don’t have kids, and they have more time and freedom to enjoy life. So this segment would be core customers for marketers to consider more in future,” said Marc Fong, head of business planning at Mindshare Hong Kong.

“For example, they may worry about their future, when they might need to take care of themselves when they get old, so maybe they are also a focus for insurance and investment companies.”

The 3D Study surveyed 1,038 respondents aged 15-54 from a consumer and media perspective. It also includes over 150 categories consumption with more than 100 brands equity measures. The fieldwork of the campaign was completed in Q2 2013 via online and face-to-face interviews.

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