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Singaporean influencer KiaraaKitty banned from Taiwan after staged egg attack

Singaporean influencer KiaraaKitty banned from Taiwan after staged egg attack

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Singaporean influencer and Twitch streamer KiaraaKitty has been banned from Taiwan after she staged an egg attack on herself in the country for views, according to Taiwan's immigration department in a statement. 

KiaraaKitty, whose real name is Cheng Wing Yee, came to Taiwan's city of Kaohsiung and was livestreaming on Twitch earlier this month as she walked down the street. In the video, out of nowhere, a person in a red dress, blue slippers and a surgical mask approaches her and begins pelting her with raw eggs. 

The person is heard in the video accusing her of seducing her husband and demanding that she stay away from him in Mandarin while Cheng screams at her. She claims that she does not know the woman's husband and later says to the camera, "This is the life of being [on] OnlyFans", an adult content website, and calls the situation "insane".

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Cheng later reportedly said that she reported the incident to the police though the Kaohsiung police force said that she had not, according to CNA. However, based on its investigations, it found that the attacker was actually a Singaporean man.

The man was reportedly working with Cheng to create the video for viewership and attention.

On February 24, Cheng admitted that the incident was a prank in a livestream. She also issued an apology after the Kaohsiung police asked her to rectify the fact that the prank negatively impacted the image of the city, according to Focus Taiwan

However, Cheng's actions violated Article 63, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 5 of the Law on the Maintenance of Social Order which impacts those who spread rumours that are sufficient to affect public peace. 

As a result of her actions, Taiwan's immigration department banned Cheng from entering the country for a maximum of five years. 

It added that foreigners are welcome to come to Taiwan to engage in sightseeing and other activities, but that it will not allow them to engage in illegal acts in Taiwan, such cases that undermine social harmony and stability.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Cheng for more information. 

Cheng's actions come as more influencers resort to outrageous actions in order to garner views online. Recently, Indian influencer, model and actress Poonam Pandey copped flak for faking her death as part of a cervical cancer awareness campaign. 

The news of her fake death was first announced on 2 February 2024 with a statement being released on her Instagram story stating that Pandey had passed due to cervical cancer. A day later, on 3 February, it was revealed that her death was a stunt to raise awareness on cervical cancer and the screenings available to prevent it. 

Pandey then shared to viewers that cervical cancer, unlike other cancers, is preventable and encouraged viewers to get tested and to get a HPV vaccine. She ended the video with a call to action to log onto a website called ''. A check by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE also found that the website is no longer live. 

The stunt has gathered mass attention from many internet users, most of which have negatively impacted Pandey's brand sentiments. Majority of the negative sentiments arise from words such as 'saddened', 'grief' and 'shocking', according to media intelligence firm CARMA. 

These words were expressed by social media users after hearing about the supposed passing of Pandey. Her sentiments were approximately 64.5% negative after her fake death was revealed. Many users questioned the credibility of the campaign and expressed scepticism towards such awareness initiatives in the future, said CARMA.

These sentiments were expressed through the usage of "fake", "stunt" and "controversial". There was also a lack of emotional words used by netizens compared to the period before the post.

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