Singapore viewers are less likely to be moved by your ads

A recent survey from the video ad tech company, Unruly, found that audiences in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines are three times more likely to have an emotional reaction to video ads as those in Singapore.

Consumers in Singapore are only half as likely to share a video because of social motivations (such as self-expression or opinion seeking) than those in other APAC countries.

Happiness, inspiration and warmth are the three most common emotions felt by APAC consumers while watching ads; these emotions were also the most prevalent in the UK, US and Australia. In Singapore, men aged 45 and above are most likely to feel inspiration while watching video ads. The opposite is true for Philippines and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, 90% of APAC consumers would consider using a software to block adverts online because they feel there are too many ads and they find them “creepy”.

This was revealed at the launch of its new video lab designed to help advertisers and publishers harness the power of emotions and embrace polite ad formats in order to combat the rise in ad blocking software.


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The data was mined from Unruly’s Future Video lab, which aims to help advertisers and publishers future-proof their video advertising strategies and deal with the increase in ad blockers.

One edition of the lab will provide brands and agencies with customised, real-time data on how to create ads that are more likely to resonate with their target audience. It also shows marketers how new targeting and distribution strategies can help them cut through the clutter and deliver ads that beat the ad blockers and earn consumer attention.

“The rise in ad blocking is an existential threat to the future of the digital advertising ecosystem and unless brands and publishers wake up to this threat they risk alienating consumers for good.  As our survey shows, more and more people are turning to ad blockers. And who can blame them? Every day, consumers are bombarded with poor quality, over-targeted intrusive ads slowing down their user experience,” Phil Townend, Unruly APAC’s chief commercial officer, said.

Visitors to the Future Video Lab will have access to data from Unruly Pulse, a proprietary analytics platform based on 750,000 consumer responses to video ads, revealing which emotions drive video engagement across different demos, zeitgeist events, territories and product verticals.