Singapore Press Holdings partners up with Grapeshot

Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH) has engaged Grapeshot to be its contextual categorisation and targeting solution provider. This will enable SPH’s advertisers to optimise media buy results with real-time ad targeting.

Grapeshot claims its contextual categorisation technology will enable SPH to maximise its English language digital advertising inventory and provide advertisers with ad options most relevant to their audiences. The focus on context also helps to ensure that ads do not appear next to inappropriate content - three levels of brand safety are built into Grapeshot’s contextual analysis, reinforcing SPH’s brand safety offering at scale.

Compared to traditional ways of categorising digital advertising space according to the site’s main content pillars, Grapeshot’s technology categorises web pages according to each page’s core editorial content. Its algorithms inform the decision-making process around suitability of a web page for ads to be served. The contextual analysis flags if the page content makes it inappropriate for a brand to be seen on – for example: highly negative content like hate speech.

The inventory in each segment is constantly refreshed to ensure relevance.

"We are constantly seeking new partners and technology that will strengthen our core digital capabilities. Grapeshot is a great example and we will be leveraging them to reinforce the brand-safe offering for advertisers across the SPH network as well as provide advanced contextual targeting to advertise on the best possible environment," said Tan Su-Lin, deputy head, digital division, Singapore Press Holdings.

“Analysing each page contextually enables publishers like SPH to unlock more digital advertising options for advertisers,” said Chris Pattinson, senior vice president, Grapeshot Asia Pacific. “For example, lifestyle brands are no longer limited to lifestyle pages within a website, as Grapeshot’s lifestyle keyword segments include pages with relevant content even if they are not hosted on a site’s lifestyle section.”