Singapore Kindness Movement gets neighbourly

The Singapore Kindness Movement has launched a short film entitled "Neighbours", which centres on the theme of friendship amongst neighbours.

Conceptualised by 3-Sixty Brand Communications, Neighbours builds on the success of SKM’s previous campaign Mud Doll, adopting a similar approach of an emotive short film that hopes to inspire the viewer towards personal initiation of kind acts within society, no matter how small and simple. The 60-second spot will premiere on FTA channels, Channels 5 and 8 tonight. The spot has already begun its run in selected cinemas island-wide.

The clip is also on SKM’s YouTube channel, KindnessSG. Neighbours follows an unlikely turn of events in a single working lady’s interactions with her noisy neighbours one evening. Aggravated by the incessant nuisances, Peggy brands her neighbours as “idiots” in frustration before attempting to confront them face to face. Unexpectedly, she finds herself confronted instead by her neighbours’ own stories of familial love and struggle. This discovery leads Peggy to reach out with simple acts of kindness towards those she had earlier lambasted unkindly.

Watch the video here:

“By definition, a nation is a community brought together by common culture and history, but these two factors alone are not enough to foster unity and coherence. We remain strangers to one another unless we choose to break the ice. By reaching outand sharing our stories, we can better relate to one another’s humanity and realise that we are bound by similar fears, struggles and aspirations”, William Wan, general secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement said.

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