Singapore Bicentennial Office launches roadshows to reach targeted consumers

The Singapore Bicentennial Office (SBO) is collaborating with five Community Development Councils to launch five roadshows islandwide. Targeted at educating locals about the history of Singapore, the series will kick off in April in the southeast district, followed by four other districts in the subsequent months.

According to the press release, the roadshows provide an interactive experience of Singapore’s 700-year history, charting our transformation from a place with a geographical location to a nation and people with a unique Singaporean DNA. Complementing these roadshows are a series of ground-up projects supported by the People’s Association featuring histories of the different regions, its landmarks, communities and customs.

Over 280 partners have come on board to initiate or support over 100 bicentennial ground-up events and projects to uncover stories of the past. SBO added that many of the partners are long-established organisations and institutions in Singapore, including the Nagore Dargah Indian Muslim Heritage Centre with over 180 years of history, the Goh Loo Club set up more than a century ago, and the Eurasian Association marking its centenary this year.

At the start of January, the SBO was behind an optical illusion to make the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, located along the Singapore River, disappear. SBO said it was an effort to bid to spark “fruitful” conversations on the history of Singapore. The Singapore Bicentennial, which was officially launched on 28 January , marks the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the British in 1819.