Sing Tao moves in sync with market trends and technological advances

(Pictured: Irene Chan, business director of The Standard, Fanny Chan, publisher and CEO of JobMarket Publishing Limited)

A leading English language newspaper under the Sing Tao Group, The Standard helps clients reach an extensive, quality readership across digital (desktop, mobile web, App and social media), print and offline events.

“As we advance increasingly into the digital era, marketers are looking for total solutions across the spectrum of channels,’ observed Irene Chan, business director of The Standard. “And through The Standard, they can accomplish their goals in a cost-effective manner, minus the hassles.”

On top of its daily coverage of local and global news, business round-up, lifestyle, entertainment, and succinct analyses, The Standard also publishes a range of topical magazines and books that are available in print as well as in digital form.

“As we look at projects from the client’s point of view, we make good marketing partners,” Chan said. “In organising tailor-made offline events for instance, we prove our worth in attendance recruitment, promotion, and media coverage from on to off line as all parts of the package.”

The latest statistics shows that the local unemployment rate has plunged to a 20-year low of 2.8%. Consequently, businesses find themselves competing for talents in the market, and going all out to try to convince them that theirs is a great place to work.

“In a competitive labour market, and especially in its current tight situation, it’s crucial for companies to project a strong, positive corporate image, so that it impresses job seekers as an employer of choice,” said Fanny Chan, publisher and CEO of JobMarket Publishing Limited, the recruitment media arm of the Sing Tao Group.

JobMarket is, according to the latest Ipsos Media Atlas, Hong Kong’s top recruitment classified publication with the highest job-seeker readership. “We provide an integrated O2O (offline to online) media solution to help the HR community address the pressing issues of staff hiring,” commented Chan.

“We created the coveted ‘JobMarket Employer of Choice Annual Award’ three years ago as an employer brand building strategy,” she explains. “Through a combination of channels, and approaching the subject from different angles, we help broadcast employers’ brand message far and wide via bilingual story-telling, cover story, video, social media and public recognition events.”

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