Shopper Marketing Master Report

The ultimate aim of any shopper marketing strategy is to lure the shopper to make a purchase. While simple sounding in theory, it takes more than just one campaign around the point of sale to achieve that goal.

Despite the huge shopping culture in Asia, most businesses don’t focus on a shopper marketing specialist to support the function – often leaving the decisions to marketing managers.

While brands are increasingly seeing the need for good shopper marketing strategies, the opinion across the board is that many remain clueless on what that looks like. Areas such as location-based marketing and mobile, while on the purview of marketers, have yet to take off in a huge way.

A study by PwC in 2013 showed several trends in Asia. First, there is a high emphasis on brands for developing nations in Asia. Consumers said they were four times more willing to pay for access to branded apparel than shoppers in developed nations. Second a consumer’s network of friends and family is important in influencing shopping decisions. Finally, most shoppers from developing markets in Asia were more likely to shop online, said the study. (Read more here in Brands struggling to take advantage of Asia’s shopper culture.)

Technology continues to transform consumer experiences and expectations. The proliferation of smart mobile devices has changed how we communicate, view the world and accomplish everyday tasks. Shopping is clearly one of those tasks. In today’s convenience-driven, on-the-go world, more and more mobile apps are also available now to help make shopping easy using a smartphone or tablet.

In the Southeast Asia region where six of the seven markets are developing markets, smartphone sales continue to intensify each consecutive month. GfK data shows that smartphone take-up has passed the halfway mark in the overall handset market. Sales volumes of tablets are also reaching new heights month after month. (Read more here in: Surviving in the omni-channel retail world of today)

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