All about Shopper Marketing 2015 [GALLERY]

For two years Marketing magazine’s Shopper Marketing conference has brought to you fascinating insights into a topic of growing importance to the marketing community.

As pressure on the marketing department to justify expenditure continues to grow, it made sense for us to bring back Shopper Marketing for its third round.

This year, as shopper dollars continue to move online, we shifted the focus of the conference accordingly. We focused on shopper technology and e-commerce, giving delegates the opportunity to find out which technology will really help drive their business forward, how to manage their product pricing across different e-commerce channels, and which payment solutions will dominate in 2015, among other things.

Here are the snapshots from the event which was supported by gold sponsor eBay Enterprise, knowledge partner iQnect, and exhibitors Aimia and Singtel’s Tao of Shop.

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Here’s a quick look at the discussions that went on during the day: