Shopee scores Cristiano Ronaldo as regional brand ambassador

Shopee has brought on board Cristiano Ronaldo as its regional brand ambassador, nearly a year after it tapped South Korean girl group BLACKPINK as its first-ever regional brand ambassador. Ronaldo will work with Shopee on a wide range of initiatives to engage and inspire people in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, starting with the 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

Under the partnership, Ronaldo will star in Shopee's 9.9 TV commercial which will premiere on 16 August and air in all Shopee markets. Fans in the region will also be able to get up close and personal with the Portuguese professional footballer via a range of exclusive content available only on Shopee LIVE.


In a statement to Marketing, Zhou Junjie, chief commercial officer of Shopee and head of Shopee Singapore, said the partnership aligns with its strategy to engage and connect with users in the region more meaningfully through iconic celebrities.​ According to him, Shopee has a demonstrated history of successful celebrity partnerships with recognised and respected stars, as it caters to users’ tastes and preferences across the region.

"Ronaldo’s values are a natural fit for Shopee. ​He is known for his tremendous ​focus, dedication, and determination​, a reflection of Shopee’s deep commitment to our users," Zhou explained. He added that as one of the greatest athletes today, Ronaldo is a household name and a unifying figure for the region.

"His dedication to his sport matches the deep commitment that Shopee has to all our users. We want to inspire and engage people together with Ronaldo. ​We are confident that this partnership can create a lasting positive impact for everyone in the region," Zhou added. While he declined to share the monetary value of the partnership, Zhou said Shopee is confident that this partnership will help the brand forge closer connections and deepen engagement with users across the region.

Ronaldo added in a statement that he is proud to be Shopee's brand ambassador as both parties share the same ambition to be the best in their fields. "I am always improving my game for my fans and my team, just as Shopee innovates to benefit their users in this region. I am excited by this partnership, and I look forward to creating more special moments for my fans together with Shopee," he added.

Meanwhile, Shopee's CEO Chris Feng said: "He is an inspiration to many, and his dedication to football matches the deep commitment we have towards our users. Together with Cristiano Ronaldo, we look forward to creating a lasting positive impact on our region.”

The 9.9 Super Shopping Day will run from 22 August to 9 September, featuring close to three weeks of super promotions and entertainment. These include Shopee Shake, upsized flash deals and 10% cashback all-day vouchers and 20% cashback flash vouchers with no minimum spend.

Last year, the footballer also fronted a blood advocacy campaign known as "BE THE 1" by the Singapore Red Cross, who is a strong advocate of blood donation. He first gave blood when he was 24 years old after seeing his teammate struggle to get bone marrow donations for his son.