Shiseido ventures into IoT with personalised skincare system

Shiseido has launched an Internet of Things personalised skincare system and pay-monthly app called Optune. The system leverages skin data collected for many years and research results of aroma and product usability, ultimately combining IoT-based digital technology.

The system utilises original algorithm that analyses skin condition data and environmental data as well as sleep data to detect biological rhythm disruption, which then helps to provide optimal skincare fitting one’s current conditions.

The results of the analysis offers 80,000 skincare patterns matched with individual user’s daily skin conditions and living environments. According to Shiseido, the Optune app allows users to learn about their skin conditions by taking a picture of the skin with a smartphone camera. This skin condition data will be stored together with skincare records.

Besides skin conditions, the app also automatically collects data on external environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and others each day. Together with data input by users such as menstrual cycle and mood after analysis, the Optune’s original algorithm determines the skincare required that day and sends the necessary data to the dedicated machine.

According to Shiseido, it aims to focus on providing “ease and comfort of use” with Optune. The beta version of Optune was released to the market in March 2018. The system went through a process of improvement since then, reflecting users’ feedback and numerous verification tests of the machine, app and CRM.

The move comes after global beauty brands such as L’Oreal raised the stakes by tapping on artificial intelligence. Last year, L’Oreal and A S Watson launched a virtual makeup try-on service. According to several media outlets, the first phase of launch will be with L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline brands. The service will also be available on Watson’s eCommerce mobile apps in markets such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.