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Shiseido creates UV camera stunt for latest campaign

The most efficient way to sell products isn’t necessarily glossy ads, rather, it’s to show customers the naked truth, even if it’s unpleasant.

To back its new whitening serum which targets facial sedimentary spots, Shiseido has partnered up with Turn Plus, the social media arm under Turn Creative, to set up an UV camera experiment roadshow at Harbour City to visualise facial sedimentary spots in black and white digital images, unveiling the unseen “beauty” in participants.

“The skincare and beauty business are burgeoning. With all the many skincare products in the market, being relevant to consumers is key to tell brand differentiation,” Erica Man, senior marketing manager at Shiseido, told Marketing.

“The UV camera experiment demonstrates a unique value to encourage consumer to face up to their own imperfections and be proactive to resolve them. It echoes  our brand message that ‘because the beauty is already in you’.”

According to the agency, images from the before-and-after faces under UV camera were rejected by MTR for showcasing as still visuals on billboards in stations, but has gained approval for a fine-tuned version. The videos of the experiment are now only shown on digital escalator crowns.

“The test brings an interesting user experience to our customers and make them realise they need the product.”

The campaign puts a heavy focus on digital. The company has suspended investment into traditional media such as television and print, in favour of new media including digital and social media, said Man.

Creative Agency: Turn Plus Communication Limited
Art Director: Vivian Cheung & Chuen
Copywriter: Rudi Leung
Video Director: Nico Ng@Playon Creative Limited
Photography Consultant: Topaz Leung & Martin Cheung@Studio TM

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