SgInstaP*ssies: Ad agency pounces on social media saga to help animal welfare group

Ad agency GOODSTUPH has launched a Patreon donation campaign for the Cat Welfare Society. Called SgInstaP*ssies, the campaign parodies the recent SgInstaBabes scandal which went viral this week.

Similar to the Patreon campaign surrounding said controversy, the SgInstaP*ssies Patreon includes tiered benefits for subscriptions – which it warned was not real.

This includes invitations to be a photographer/spectator of the cat’s daily derriere flashing sessions (unlimited sessions forever!), access to belly rubs (subject to mood) and occasional ankle nibbles. For the top tier at SG$50/month, the page promised to destroy a patron’s furniture with scratches (limited to super cat lovers only).

Through the initiative, both parties aim to raise funds for the animal welfare group which needs about SG$60,000 a month to run at full capacity. The money will go into sterilisation programmes, mediation efforts and educational outreach.

“The benefits offered are not real, but the satisfaction of saving our lives is,” the page read.

This week, social platform SgInstaBabes closed down its Instagram page following a controversial Patreon campaign which raised concerns about the safety and ages of young female models involved in the community. The founder of SgInstaBabes Lai Wee Kiat, said to Marketing at the time that if the page were to go live once again – he would no longer be in charge. The platform was also mulling on a revamp involving changes in art direction and its rules.

A quick check by Marketing found the Patreon campaign no longer to be running.

In recent times, Patreon has been a popular platform for content creators globally to support themselves financially. This is via a paid subscription platform, with additional perks such as exclusive content or merchandise.

Closer to home, the model has also been used by media sites such as The Middle Ground for financial sustenance, before it closed down last year. The Middle Ground's campaign had aimed to raise SG$15,000 per month, an amount which represents a portion of its expenses which it hopes to cover with ads and editorial work. Similar to SgInstaBabes and SgInstaP*ssies, the monthly donations came in different tiers, which saw different levels of benefits to donors.

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)