SG Prime Minister calls for clearer comms strategy

In a quickly circulating Facebook post, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called for clearer communications strategies for the government and ministers.

Referring to an opinion piece on website The Irish Times which berated Apple for using business jargon in one of its ads, the PM said he had circulated the article to remind his colleagues to “be simple and direct when we communicate with the public.”

“Whether it is an informal conversation, a speech, or a press statement, say what we mean. Avoid management speak or big words which will not impress anyone. Use simple language which people can understand.”

“For my Facebook page, I always make the posts as simple and clear as possible. Even then from time to time after something has been posted I notice ways to say it better. Then I will change it, which is why you sometimes see that my posts have been edited after posting,” he said.

He then called for examples of better communications strategies.

“Ministers and the govt have tried hard to be direct and clear in our comms, but once in a while we still fall short. Perhaps someone can set up a website which collects examples, and help us do better!” he added.

PM Lee has been actively working on his social media strategy, earlier starting his Facebook and Instagram page. The post has been shared over 400 times on Facebook since it surfaced this morning.

PR professionals, anyone up for the job?