SG non-profit org Silver Generation Office picks social media partner

The Silver Generation Office (SGO) by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) has appointed ZOO Group Singapore to manage its Facebook page for a period of nine months. ZOO is tasked to develop a strategy and action plan to generate awareness of SGO’s work and events, as well as to highlight the contributions of Silver Generation ambassadors. Through this, the organisation also looks to drive recruitment and encourage volunteerism.

Previously known as Pioneer Generation Office, SGO was set up in August 2014 as a community-based organisation to oversee senior engagement. It merged with AIC in 2018.

In a statement to Marketing, ZOO’s spokesperson said the agency will be combining data-driven decision making and specifically-tailored creatives for social media as part of its work. Some of the collaterals that will be going up on Facebook include leads generation forms to drive sign-ups, multi-frame videos and carousels as well as contest and giveaways.

Meanwhile as part of the duties, ZOO will be working with digital and social agency Amplify Social. Both agencies collaborated earlier this year and have worked together on accounts such as Nerf Action Xperience, Duke-NUS and People’s Association Active Ageing. ZOO will be responsible for driving the brand and strategic communications portion of all collaboration whilst Amplify will take on community management, content creation and production.

Desh Balakrishnan, CEO of Media360 and partner of Amplify Social, said it’s a great start for Amplify to be able share the responsibility to manage the social media duties on behalf of AIC. “We are delighted on the trust and believe of AIC in awarding the tender to us and the Amplify team is motivated to ensure everything is managed well at our end,” he added.