SG electricity retailer Geneco turns heads with 1990s phone booth

Geneco, Seraya Energy’s retail energy brand, has launched an OOH execution to encourage the public to change out of their current power providers.

Done in collaboration with Clear Channel Singapore, the campaign features a bus stop shelter panel transformed into a simulated phone booth from the 1990s. The difference is that the phone has been plugged out, leaving the cables hanging loose and meant to look as if it has been abandoned.

Targeted at PMEBs and home owners in their mid-30s to 40s, Geneco aims to encourage Singaporeans to switch out of their current power providers through this OOH execution. The campaign will run at bus stops shelters at Robinson Road from now till 29 May and at Plaza Singapura from 30 May to 12 June.

The phone booth comes with the captions “You’ve stopped using phone booths” and “Shouldn’t you move on from fat power bills too?”. There is also a poster placement on the opposite side of the panel with the caption “You’ve dumped brick phones. Isn’t it time to ditch your costly power provider too?”.

Nix Tang, senior manager of marketing at Geneco, said the campaign inspires people to not only switch power providers and save electricity bills, but to embrace change in everything that they do. Tang added that with Clear Channel’s strategic locations, Geneco is able to reach out to its target audiences effectively in a fun and creative manner in this campaign.

“The Geneco campaign delivers the message with a standout phone booth creative that is well designed and a concept that fits our bus shelter environment perfectly. We are certain the campaign will intrigue and arrest commuters’ attention,” Amanda Woo, head of client partnership and business development, Clear Channel Singapore said.

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