Sentosa kicks off massive marketing blitz with new content site, TVC, print and OOH

Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) has launched a campaign called “Make Time” which takes a stand on the importance of making time for oneself and loved ones. Targeted at Singaporean working adults and parents, the campaign has also rolled out a film developed in 90-second and 60-second versions.

Depicting a typical Singaporean family going about their daily lives, the spot looks to shed light on how certain choices can weigh them down. The film aims to highlight the importance of balance between life and work, and spark open conversations and encourage Singaporeans to be deliberate in making time for leisure and loved ones.

The campaign will also include OOH execution as well as social videos and will run for a course of six months, with nine weeks of print and TV. BBH Singapore worked with SDC on the campaign.

To further bring to life the benefits of “making time”, SDC has partnered with influencers such as the food blogger Miss Tam Chiak and actress Kate Pang to create customised content on social media. The digital push for the campaign also includes creating dedicated content for the brand’s website that ranges from customised itineraries to infographics and useful tips that looks to encourage visitors to make time from business routines on the island.

This comes after a recent survey commissioned by SDC found that about 57% of Singaporeans want a break from daily routines, but also feel that the time spent on such breaks could have been used for something more productive.

Approximately 600 Singapore citizens and permanent residents took part in the survey, conducted by Asia Insights in April, as part of SDC’s approach to better understanding locals’ views and attitudes towards leisure time. The report also said the other half the respondents were stressed by the thought of doing nothing, with three in 10 saying they did not know how to relax. In addition, 74% wished they could spend more time with their families and loved ones.

Lynette Ang, chief marketing officer, SDC said it was clear from the research that Singaporeans yearn to break free from their stressful routines and spend quality time with their loved ones. However, it is also important to note that such breaks need not require long hiatuses from jobs. “We have to make time for what truly matters. It’s time to pause and ask ourselves, what will we make time for?” she added.

“We all have been there before, carrying work with us wherever we go, whether it’s physically responding to work emails and texts or just thinking about work during family time. But work can wait. There should always be life after work,” Janson Choo, creative director, BBH Singapore said.

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