SEA games rallies local brands and consumers

Singaporeans were engrossed with the SEA games this month.

So much so that following the victorious efforts of Singapore athletes in the recently concluded 28th SEA Games, two homegrown Singapore companies joined forces to continue championing local sports. Independent media provider, Voxsports, and the sports apparel manufacturer, Bodynits Group, will kick start a campaign for a sporting lifestyle for all ages combining digital media and performance sports apparel in July.

Bods.Bodynits and Voxsports will continue to support local sporting talent through a strong digital media perspective. The initiative will begin with the Bods.Bodynits outfitting all Voxsports crew members over the course of two years for all of their coverage of sporting events in Singapore. Consumers are also encouraged to take selfies with these brand ambassadors for which they will receive a discount on selected products at the retail store. The campaign is primarily activated through Facebook and Instagram.

“This tie up with Bods.Bodynits is an extremely exciting adjunct to our continuing effort to revamp and reinvent ourselves to stay current with the industry while we also simultaneously shape the industry with regard to digital trends from a broadcast and new media perspective. This is one of many initiatives we are rolling out over the next few years to bridge differences between new media and physical products and services that are being offered,” said Darren Ho, head of Sunset+Vine Asia (Digital).

Separately, according to data released by Amobee, content based on Top Associations with the SEA Games include football, table tennis and netball. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much web consumption on the Games' opening ceremony. In the last week, SEA Games was one of the highest consumed topic with one of the top read pieces being around a ST story which highlighted how archer Low Luan Eng joined the games to fill for her daughters spot.

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Providing one of the largest sporting event coverage in the history of Singapore broadcasting, MediaCorp’s  produced and broadcasted over 800 hours of live sporting action. According to MediaCorp overall viewership for the entire telecast of the Games on okto, Channel 5 and Channel U reached 3.3 million viewers or 64% of the people aged four years and above in Singapore. The Opening and Closing ceremonies attracted over two million viewers on okto and Channel 5.

Meanwhile, viewers who tuned in to the Daily Highlights show, Today At the Games on Okto and Channel 5 exceeded 1.5 million. Toggle, MediaCorp’s over-the-top internet video service offering 12 ‘live’ streams and catch-up videos, saw an overall increase in traffic of 21%. On its social media front, engagements on Okto and Toggle’s Facebook and Twitter exceeded 1.3 million. All in, MediaCorp’s online content reached users more than 80 million times.

Chang Long Jong, Deputy CEO, MediaCorp said, “We  saw  record  numbers  of  viewers  enjoying  the  live  Games  and  supporting  Team  Singapore  not  only  on  our  free-to-air  channels,  but  also  on  Toggle.  Many  viewers  were  also  actively  engaged  on  our  social  media  platforms  which  provided  numerous  live  updates  and  video  clips.”