SDDI Conference 2017 Day one: Personalise effectively to stay relevant

It's day two of Marketing's Smart Data & Digital Innovation Hong Kong 2017 in Hotel ICON, and it's time to reflect upon everything we've learnt in the past 24 hours.

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While collecting data is now one of marketers' top priorities, making sense of it is what adds value. In a way, "Big Data" has turned into "Smart Data" this year, and gather speakers from across the industry on the two-day conference to help you better integrate data analytics and digital innovation into your business strategies.

One of the key messages from day one was to "stay relevant" - marketers should collect and use data effectively by identifying the right data, recognising the right customers, and eventually delivering personalised messages, at the right time through relevant channels.

Difficult as it may seem, Plaza Premium Group's loyalty programme, senior manager, Siew Kiat Wang, assured us that valuable data "is already sitting somewhere". Sharing the company's case study, he said it all came down to marketers to choose the right tools.

Cheung Kong Hutchison Holdings' group data scientist Bertrand Chen, shared insight into the power of machine learning in enhancing market segmentation and targeting, and broke down the use of the tool as well as its infrastructure into two simple questions: Who are you targeting, and how are you targeting them?

Jason Wong, associate partner and head of marketing, ClusterTech, made marketers' life a lot easier by uncovering what the most valuable data on social media - text and comments, and how you can interpret and utilise it to build up customer profiles for CRMs. He identified those who shared and tagged friends a lot on social media as "promotors", asking marketers to keep an eye on their strong social influencing power similar to key opinion leaders.

Deliveroo Hong Kong's head of marketing and strategic projects Josh Nedeljkovic also shared how the start-up interpreted data from its app to enhance customer experiences, echoing to the previous discussion on when is the right move to build an app, and when is a mobile website good enough in the interactive session.

Herbert Lam, head of digital marketing, Asia, Sun Life Financial Asia, alerted marketers the need for a mobile-first-mentality to deliver messages effectively across channels. He highlighted 10 misconceptions that marketers have when it comes to desktop and mobile differences and similarities. He looked at a number of entrenched beliefs and broke them down one by one to see how these beliefs hold up when squared up against evidence.

Along the way of data mining, Patrick Tam, director, strategy, XGATE, reminded marketers to gain the trust of customers by being transparent in data collection, and explained how businesses can allay privacy concerns and handle customer data responsibly.

The conference continues today. [Updated: Read more: SDDI Conference 2017 Day two: Social’s secret sauce ]

Stay tuned for a more detailed report on the series of keynotes and case studies which have covered how to enrich and make sense of the raw data, along with the critical areas of CRM and customer loyalty, the dos and don’ts for mobile marketing, and everything you need to know about the state of Chinese social media in 2017.