Scoot’s new spot shows how boredom can kill

Scoot has launched an entertainment channel hosted on YouTube. Called ‘ScooTube’, the channel features a zombie trailer parody featuring bored-to-death zombies on a plane. In the film, the only way to survive the epidemic is to stay entertained.

The video promotes Scoot’s in-flight entertainment service, ScooTV, while making other pop-culture references in the form of “Scootbusters”. Following hordes of screaming passengers, the video shows how boredom literally can kill as zombies fill the plane, attacking passengers on board.

To draw people to its YouTube page, Scoot posted a teaser to its Facebook page showing a terrified passenger on board, the post itself garnered 70,341 views at the time of writing.

Watch the film here:

“Parodying well-known entertainment formats allows us to tap on a universal appeal for 'good ol’ fashioned entertainment' within the YouTube environment, and in the process bring Scoot’s unique humour and perspective to a wider audience,” Jacqueline Loh, head of marketing, product and ancillary revenue at Scoot, said.

“If you can have snakes on a plane, why can’t you have zombies? We took the old cliché ‘dying of boredom’ and turned it on its head with a trendy, modern take of the zombie genre. As fans of the zombie genre ourselves, we had lots of fun imagining zombies on a plane,” Adrian Yeap, creative director of Publicis Singapore said.