SCMP launches Abacus as a window into China’s booming tech scene

Century-old news media company South China Morning Post (SCMP) has launched Abacus, an English-language news outlet that covers multiple aspects of the fast-growing tech industry in China from the insider’s point of view.

The China tech industry has been building its presence fast. The country has the world’s largest internet population now at 772 million, of which 97% see the smartphone as their go-to device to access the internet. In 2017, the gaming industry in China brought in US$ 30 billion, nearly three times the revenue North American box office made in 2016.

Ravi Hiranand, executive producer of Abacus who previously worked for CNN, believes that China’s tech scene is gaining autonomy from the western world through the country’s unique ideology.

The unparalleled proliferation of mobile payment and QR codes, for example, can be attributed to the local culture, vast population size and government regulations. “Gone are the days when every Chinese trend had a Western counterpart. And that’s where Abacus comes in: our goal is to share what’s happening in China and why it matters to the rest of the world,” said Hiranand.

The outlet features journalists in Hong Kong and mainland China, offering editorial and multimedia coverage across various categories, from latest information about up-and-coming tech startups to reviews of fast-trending gadgets:

● Big Guns – news on all of China’s tech giants
● Start-Ups – the newest companies on the scene
● Digital Life – from viral trends to the Great Firewall, everything on the minds of Chinese netizens
● Future Tech – a sneak peek at new products and technologies in the pipeline
● Reviewed – expert appraisals of the latest consumer gadgets
● Tried & Tested – putting apps and gadgets head to head to see which works best for you
● Who Is & What Is – in-depth profiles of the biggest names in China tech

“Abacus and its editorial team will deliver breadth and depth of technology coverage, and a plurality of views to serve the curiosities of our readers. This new product will provide an ‘expert’s take’ on the growing global influence of China's tech giants and new upstarts,” said Gary Liu, chief executive officer of SCMP.

Hiranand and Malcolm Ong, head of product at SCMP and Abacus will ring the New York Stock Exchange opening bell this Friday to celebrate the launch of Abacus.

Abacus is also launching US social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and will offer readers a "Best of Abacus" newsletter that highlights the top stories of the week.