Samsung's Chinese battery plant catches fire

It was a "minor fire". Still, it was the last thing that Samsung needed now.

Waste products including discarded lithium batteries and other waste products triggered a minor fire at Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 battery supplier, Samsung SDI, in Tianjin on Wednesday, the tech company reported.

No one was hurt, and there were no significant impact on the operations of the plants, Samsung SDI spokesman Shin Yong-doo said. He added that most of the factory was running as normal.

However, the Wuqing branch of the Tianjin fire department said on Sina Weibo that the "material that caught fire were lithium batteries inside the production workshops and some half-finished products".

It added it sent out 110 firefighters and 19 trucks to put out the fire.

Reuters reported that SDI will start supplying batteries for Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 in the first quarter of this year.

While the company has just answered questions about the Note 7's battery explosions last month (Read more: Samsung reveals cause of Note7 explosions), the last thing it needed was a battery-related factory fire.