Samsung, Shell, MSIG promote safe driving

Studies found that a stunning 83% of the Singapore drivers surveyed admitted to using their mobile phones without a hands-free kit, while at the wheel in the last 12 months. They were most likely to be using GPS or map applications, checking their mobile phone screens, and texting.

This was in spite of an overwhelming majority of 95% of respondents being aware that it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving without a hands-free kit, while the car is in motion.

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To encourage safer driving behaviour, Samsung and Cheil Singapore developed a mobile app, “Eyes on the Road”, to help drivers switch off mobile distractions when they get into their cars by activating the Drive Safe mode.

The mobile app is designed to help drivers cultivate the habit of driving without distraction from their mobile phones. When activated, the app silences calls, text messages and social media notifications, allowing drivers to continue on their journey safely. Other than removing distractions for drivers, the app also calculates the distances travelled to reward drivers for their safe driving habits.

“Smartphones are increasingly ubiquitous in Singapore, with users depending on their devices for everything from making phone calls, map navigation to social networking. As a mobile industry leader, Samsung is taking the responsibility to encourage drivers to put aside their phones while driving, and focus on the roads,” Irene Ng, VP, marketing, Samsung Asia said.

From 6 November to 31 January 2014, drivers can win  MSIG premium vouchers and Shell fuels vouchers each month.

“Based on our data, each year one in every six cars insured by MSIG has an accident which results in a claim. Some of these accidents can be prevented if drivers could concentrate more and keep their eyes on the roads,” said Paul Faulkner, CEO, MSIG Insurance (Singapore).

By partnering Samsung in this initiative, Louis Tan, general manager, retail sales and operations, Shell Singapore said that, Shell hopes to encourage motorists to be responsible and do their part to make our roads safe for all.

The app can be used on all Android smartphones.